Save months of work with easily customizable, fully automatized, and highly precise software developed by scientists for scientists

KARMENscience algorithms are adaptable to many kinds of cells and ML trained for different types of quantitative analysis in life sciences.

We also provide:
• integrated solutions for cells (or other structures) area precise measurements, and statistics
• precise quantification of cell communication (connecting or touching) on different timepoints
• cell phenotype detection
• other quantitative parameters distinguishing cells as young or old, and living or dead cells.

Our clients and partners

WHY CHOOSE KARMENscience for your life science research?
  • KARMENscience develops fully automated scripts covering all image analysis needs of your research that give you results fast – in a few hours or days.
  • Instead of manually clicking, cutting, and loading image by image, installing preprocessing software, and dealing with plugins – simply upload your images to our system and download the reports containing highly precise and nicely organized results.

Compared to other solutions, KARMENscience is faster, more accurate, and easier to use.

Created by
for scientist

Download a sample KARMENscience report

A FREE DEMO – test KARMENscience risk-free

Be sure that our script is what your need for your research

You don’t need to sign up or use your credit card

Your data are safe with us. We sign NDA contract with you and use strict security protocols on our servers to protect your raw data and reports.

How a FREE DEMO works?

If you are satisfied with our software and its results, you can subscribe and use KARMENscience script developed for your research.
Contact us for the link to upload your images
Describe what you need to measure.
Select 5-10 representative images
(or stacks) from your experiment recorded with ANY microscope or camera you use and upload them to the link we'll send you.
KARMENscience team customizes a fully automatic
image analysis script tailored for your data and toward your hypothesis need.
Download customized report
in up to three days.

More productive, faster, and efficient research and research planning

Significantly increased data harvest and analytics from your images help you use all the resources in a more sustainable and responsible way.

Plan your next experiment based on fast and precise image analysis in only a few hours or days – after the images upload you will have all measurements and analysis completed and downloadable in your dashboard.

KARMENscience is a cloud based subscription service

You don’t have to install software locally - by paying the monthly fee you have access to your dashboard where you can upload images and download all your reports.
Monthly fee depends on the number of scripts you need and estimated amount of images analyzed monthly.

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