Our story

KARMENscience is a product of the KARMENsolutions group

  • A database of algorithms we’ve developed has a huge potential to advance science and business through more precise and faster image and video processing features.

A few words about KARMENscience team

We're a team of ambitious scientists, experienced software developers, and curious entrepreneurs working together to provide the most accurate, ambitious, and UX-friendly video and image processing software solutions, improving business and scientific research outcomes.
Ana Bedalov
CEO & Founder
Saša Kijuk
Head Scientific Officer
Katarina Kozina
Head of Image Processing Team
Roko Topić
Data Scientist
Ana Ramljak
Image Processing and Data Analyst
Dubravko Radišić
Data Scientist
Sanja Katušić
Social Media Designer
Marko Kovač
The Executive Advisor
Josip Sanković
Image Processing Developer
Nives Anzulović
Image Processing and Data Analyst

Our office

  • You can find us in Kaštela, a quaint town near Split, Croatia; where we enjoy the best of both worlds – a rich Mediterannean lifestyle and fast-paced and exciting work.

Our professional ID

  • Innovation
    We have created more than 230 custom image analysis algorithms for a broad range of complex image structures and metrics, including advanced solutions for the scientific community.
  • Holistic Approach
    Our training and experience include fields such as physics, data science, statistics, modeling, machine learning, automatization, instrument design, and optimization. This allows us to combine multiple approaches and techniques when solving problems.
  • Hands-On
    We do our best to understand the problems deeply, and then develop the most elegant, applicable, user-friendly, and accurate solutions.