KARMEN Software

KARMENscience’s algorithm is one of the world’s MOST ADVANCED image and video AI processing solutions.

We combine three approaches to software development and video analysis that mutually support each other, providing the most accurate data.

Machine Learning and Neural Network

We combined the power of software with human knowledge in order to teach our algorithm to analyze videos with unprecedented precision and speed.

Artificial Intelligence

A powerful AI algorithm core was built in a science lab - it was used to analyze images for scientific purposes. Thanks to its diverse applications, it grew stronger and more precise, and it is now capable of solving some of the most complex problems in image processing.

Physical Modeling

Many problems regarding space positioning, shape recognition and other challenges in video imaging cannot be solved by using solely AI or ML. They require advanced mathematical and physical models. Combining complex calculus with AI and ML is what gives our software a strong competitive advantage over solutions using only AI and/or ML. We spent lots of time getting to the roots of the problems in order to come up with the most powerful and most widely applicable solutions.
If you would like to know all the details regarding our software, you can download our white paper and learn all about its features and functions.
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KARMENscience is a cloud based subscription service

You don’t have to install software locally - by paying the monthly fee you have access to your dashboard where you can upload images and download all your reports.
Monthly fee depends on the number of scripts you need and estimated amount of images analyzed monthly.